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Having a Bonfire in a Burn Ban

Solution - Concrete Fire Bowls

posted Sept 23, 2015

Square concrete fire bowl with water feature by Outdoor Fire and PatioAfter a very hot, dry summer, several cities and counties across the country are in the midst of a burn ban. No bonfires, no campfires, no flames anywhere outside the house. And not everyone is lucky enough to have a fireplace.

Fire pits - dugouts surrounded by stones or bricks - are also subject to the burn ban in the droughts that have plagued the country this year. However, if you love your outdoor fires as much as we do, you should know that concrete fire bowls do not fall under the regulations of the burn ban.

Why Fire Bowls Pass the Test

Concrete fire bowls are powered with gas, propane, or even electric power, unlike bonfires, which use wood for fuel. With a choice of manual controls or an automated control system, you can tune the flames to keep them controlled. This provides additional containment of the fire, almost negating the possibility of starting a wildfire.

At Outdoor Fire and Patio, we create our fire bowls without harmful chemicals, and our products are reinforced with fiber to assure long lasting durability. Knowing that your fire feature won't break provides safety and security far beyond a standard fire pit, which can easily get out of control.

Bonus Features with a Fire Bowl

In addition to being able to use your outdoor concrete fire bowl even during a burn ban, you can also count on it year round, since it is dependable in all types of weather. Even in the winter, you can find comfort and warmth in your fire feature. Our fire bowls put out exponentially more heat than a standard fireplace, so you can be toasty outdoors. And the flames won't go out in heavy winds, so operate your fire bowl in spring and fall during the brisk weather changes.

If you're missing your outdoor gatherings around the firelight, look into ordering an outdoor fire bowl, which will allow you to enjoy your favorite pastime, regardless of regulations against public fires. You can rely on the quality assured product we offer at Outdoor Fire and Patio to satisfy all your outdoor fire feature needs.