Remote Control Fire Feature

Remote Control Fire Module.

When performance counts, Delivers. We are the Authorized Distributor of the automated remote module (AWEIS). Made in the USA with quality parts this product is designed to perform beyond your expectation. Used in many applications this gives you the control of turning on and off your outdoor fire features with a push of a button. Recently redesigned. The (AWEIS), All Weather Electronic Ignition System is smaller than ever. place it into those hard to get to places with ease of installation. Improved components to operate with reliability and dependability you will get years of satisfaction from your fire feature.

Remote Fire Feature Controller. AWEIS

AWEIS, All-Weather Electronic Ignition System. This Remote Fire Feature Controller is the ultimate in Outdoor Fire Control Systems. We are the Pioneers when it comes to Outdoor Automated Remote Fire Features. Our Technology is the most Advance State of the Art hat everyone else is trying to copy our design. All-Weather Electronic Ignition System means, no matter what the weather is, Winds, Rain, Salt Water Air, Freezing Temperatures are Outside our AWEIS System will perform. Ran with a Micro Chip Sensor our system knows when the flame goes out and will relight automatically. Our system also recognizes that if your fire goes out and does not relight the AWEIS will automatically shut off giving you a piece of mind.

Our AWEIS System works with all Pool Automated Controllers for a simple push button on and off. AWEIS-1 is our Standard Capacity module with 290 K BTU Output per hour. and our AWEIS-2 Is our High Capacity Module with 490 K BTU Output per hour. When it comes to reliability, durability and most important Safety do not take a chance with other similar products count on Outdoor Fire and Patio to deliver the only acceptable Automated Remote Module, AWEIS.

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