Gas Burners & Fire Rings

Gas Fire Pit Burners

Gas Fire Rings and Stainless Steel Fire Pit Burners

Gas Fire Rings or Fire Pit Burners are an important part of completing your Outdoor Fire Feature project. Outdoor Fire and Patio has the best Stainless Steel Fire Rings available in the market. Our Fire Rings are made of 16 gauge Stainless Steel and holes that are drilled out rather than punch out. The difference in this is that when a Fire ring is Punched out it leaves an edge on the inside of the Gas Fire Ring possibly creating a whistle when the gas flows through the line. Another step is that our Hubs are raised so that debris has less of a chance clogging your Stainless Steel Fire Ring. Our Stainless Steel Fire Pit Burners at Outdoor Fire and Patio have every style of Outdoor Fire Ring or Fire Pit Burner available for any project you are working on.
  • Many Burners and Styles to choose from: H-Shaped Burners, T-Shaped Burners, U-Shaped, S-Shaped, Half Moon, Double Rectangle, Fish Eye, Star, Flower, and Racetrack shapes.
Custom Burners Available
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