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36" x 36" Square Gas Fire Ring

36" x 36" Square Gas Fire Ring
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 Our Square Gas Fire Ring Burner is constructed with high grade 304 Stainless Steel to help prevent corrosion and rust.  Outdoor Fire and Patio's Mission is to provide you with the highest-quality components.  Holes are individually drilled, not punched, creating a better flame with no whistling. Our Stainless Steel Burners are individually constructed right here in the USA, ensuring your burner is created strong and built to last. The ringed shape is the perfect design to fit many DIY fire feature applications. Don't forget to add lava rock or fire glass to your fire pit gas ring purchase.
36" x 36" Square Fire Ring Specs:
Double Ring 36" x 36" with a 3/4" Hub with a Max Output of 300k Btu/hr.
Liquid Propane Fire Rings Require a Brass Air Mixer 
Add a Gas Fire Kit to your Fire Ring Today
Includes: (2) 3/4" Whistle Free Flex Lines, 3/4" Chrome Key Valve & 3" Key (Natural Gas $150) additionally a Propane Air Mixer and Regulator (Liquid Propane $240)
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  This Sqaure Gas Fire Pit Burner is manufactured with a high grade 304 stainless steel to ensure extreme durability and longevity that's compatible for propane or natural gas. Drilled holes provide consistent, tall flames that your family & freinds can enjoy for years to come. The square stainless steel burner goes great with any new or existing round or square fire pit.  Manufactured right here in the USA, each burner is individually hand crafted, providing you with a long lasting burner that is the best on the market. 9 different sizes ranging from 6" x 6" to 60" x 60" (Custom Sizes Available) Max BTU Output ranging from 65k to 400k, this versatile burner ensures a strong warm flame.
Automate Your Fire Feature with our Certified All Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS)  
- Ignite with your iPhone/iPad or Handheld  Battery Remote -
Liquid Propane Fire Rings Require a Brass Air Mixer 
The Propane-Air Mixer is designed to allow air to enter the gas stream. The added air will reduce the amount of soot produced & the amount of propane used. We recommend this product for propane gas fire pit burners. 

Stainless Steel Gas Fire Ring Specs

Example of Gas Fire Pit Ring with Conversion Kits
 Conversion Kits and Burner Example
Automate Your Gas Burner
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