45" Round. Ready to Finish Package

45" Round. Ready to Finish Package
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 These units are unfinished to allow you to finish with stone, veneer, or stucco to match your surrounding. The round housings take the guess work out of enclosure construction. These are 18” tall and are constructed of sturdy 22 gauge galvanized steel material, welded frame, and a 1/2” hardiboard shell, and weigh 150 lbs.
 This Ready-To-Finish Package comes 4 options: Enclosure Only (no components), Match Lit (Enclosure & 65k/BTU Match Lit Components), Push Button Ignition (Enclosure & 90k BTU components) & Electroninc Ignition (Enclosure & 125k BTU Components)
Ready to Finish Enclosure & Drop In Pan Specs:
Diameter: 45" Height: 18" - CSA Certifeid -
25" Drop in Pan with 18" Penta Burner: Match Lit - 65k BTU, Push Button - 90k BTU, Electronic Ignition - 125k BTU
Remote Electronic Ignition - Hot Surface Ignition - Ignite by flip of a switch, handheld remote or Smart Phone App.
Custom Enclosures Available - Please Allow 2-6 Weeks on Custom Orders
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Product Details

HPC Remote Electronic Ignition - CSA Certified 
 Practically all facets of our life with most everything we use today are electronic in some form... over a decade ago HPC brought this ease and convenience to outdoor fire. Today HPC's system utilizes reliable hot surface ignition - lighting is simple with just the flip of a switch or a handheld remote or our Smart Phone App. If the flame is blown out the gas is safely turned off, the control will auto-relight the fire.
The Smart Device app is available for Android devices and Apple Products now. 
How It Works
Start Up: This is done by use of a wall switch or remote control. When the ON command is received, the system completes initial safety checks then starts flow of pilot gas. After 5 seconds the hot surface igniter glows igniting pilot flame. When the system confirms pilot flame present, the main burner gas will flow ignited by the pilot flame.
Operation: While enjoying the ambiance of your fire pit, the system is at work monitoring flame status, internal temperatures / voltages and other safety parameters. If flame loss does occur, the system will turn off all gas flow, and then restart by automatically commencing Start sequence.
  • On/Off Models: Includes the convenience and safety features- optional remote control available.
  • High / Low Flame Control Models: This option includes a smart remote and App via smart device control with 2-way communication with the fire pit. Remote allows flame height control while receiving information from fire pit to advise user of fire pit status (flashing LED).
Shut Down: To turn OFF the fire pit simply use wall switch, remote control or whole house system.

 Fire Glass Colors - Non-ReflectiveFire Glass Color Selection

 Fire Glass Colors - Reflective

Reflective Fire Glass Color Selection
 HPC manufactures the highest quality outdoor Ready to Finish Packages that will add elegance and beauty to your outdoor Landscape.  Already fully assembled, you can choose between Match Lit Ignition, Push Button Ingition or Remote Electronic Ignition.  Depending on which you choose, this module has anywhere between 65-125k BTU output per hour and is rated to withstand the outdoor elements.  This includes, high wind, rain even sea salt water.  The best value for the Remote Electronic Ignition is the safety feature built into our design. If, after the wind blows out our module it will re-light automatically.  Second, would be having the ability to electronically ignite your fire bowls by the touch of a button on your iPhone or Android phone. 

 All of our staff at Outdoor Fire and Patio are experienced in all fields of outdoor products.  Let our staff assist you with your next Outdoor Fire Design.  We are sure of your satisfaction with over 10 years experience, Outdoor Fire and Patio is your right choice.

Questions? Call Today: 866.488.6518

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