48" Pro Series Sound Reactive Gas Fire Component Kit

48" Pro Series Sound Reactive Gas Fire Component Kit
The Pro Series Component Kit

  These incredibly cutting-edge systems feature our patented Sound-Reactive Fire technology; turning any firescape into a dynamic display of dancing flames and a versatile entertainment centerpiece. With four distinct operating modes that blend music and fire together, and an included app that works as a remote, any fire pit built with a Pro Series Kit will give your clients unparalleled control over fire, in turn enhancing the way they interact with their outdoor space. Couple this control with an auto-ignition and auto-flameout detection safety system, and you have unmatched convenience and smart performance never before seen in a home fire pit
The Pro Series Component Kit Specs
 • Fully Assembled: Simple & familiar installation 
 48" 100k BTU Stainless Steel Burner with Black Matte Finish Pan
Fuel Source: Available in natural gas or liquid propane 
Power Source: 110Va/c with standard grounded power cord 
Ignition System: Electronic ignition with flame rectification 
Flame Detection: Automatic restart if flame & pilot go out 
Adjustable Flame Height: Adjustable standing flame, independent of sound volume. 
Multi-Sync: Creating exciting fire scapes connecting multiple units together* 
Temperature Monitoring: Overheat auto shutoff  
• Optional Accessories: LED lights 
• Troubleshooting: Multiple error codes to quickly troubleshoot 
• Warranty: 1 year 
• Safety Standards: CSA-Certified in US & Canada 
MCFC SRFS Touch Panel includes all Features. Multiple Modes, Bluetooth, Wifi, App integration, USB port, Aux in / out , Adjustable flame height, LED Customization and User Setting Customization. 
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Product Details

More About The "Leading Technology" The Pro Series Components Kit

Touch Panel Display

Our systems utlize a custom made touch panel display. The main User Interface on the unit, this item has an LED backlit display, multiple touch buttons and the hub for the different features. Water proof and using UV treated materials, the Touch Panel Display is sleek and made to withstand the elements. Outfitted with the controls, Aux in and USB port, management and physical connection to the system is easy.

Our Controller is splash, water, and dust resistant and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP55 under IEC standard 60529 and was made to tackle the great outdoors. Specifications are not finalized. Some items may be subject to change.

Integrated Sound
Audio By Harman/Kardon
Each of our Entertainment Systems comes equipped with speakers engineered specifically for Music City Fire Company by Harman/Kardon. To ensure the best in sound quality and speaker endurance, we worked together pairing our amp, power, speaker placement and more to deliver an amazing experience. Each speaker is fully weather ready and capable of handling the elements. Our enclosure designs are built with the sound in mind and Harman/Kardon tests our models to ensure they deliver rich, absorbing, exhilarating sound. Click below to learn more about Harman/Kardon and our speakers.
Inputs / Outputs
With the built in Aux In, Aux Out, USB port, Wifi and Bluetooth, 3rd party devices can easily connect and interact with the unit. As shown with Artiphon's INSTRUMENT 1 , create your own music and watch as the fire dances with your own creations. In addition, other 3rd party devices can be connected to expand the systems use. For instance, connect an exisitng outdoor sound system through the aux in or aux out to link the units.
LED Lighting
LED lighting takes the backyard landscape to a whole new level so we included this as well. Each system has an LED input on the back. A standard 16' LED lighing strip plugs directly into the control panels backing. This allows units to have the added touch of intgrating the LED lights to the piece. Contractors can set the bar incorporating the lighting into custom made surrounds. LED lights can be controlled through the app or control panel and include multiple modes and colors.
Ignition System
An extremely important component to our systems, the ignition system we employ is up to par with some of the best in its class. An electronic ignition system that automatically ignites based on Mode Selection. Simply select one of the Fire Modes of our unit, and the ignition system takes it from there. It will signal to relase gas, fire the ignition and lite the system. In addition, the system is designed to detect and remedy flame out. A two step protection, the pilot light will resolve a simple flameout. Should something strong enough blow out the pilot itself, the ignition system is designed to instantly detect this and restart the ignition cycle igniting both the pilot and the main burner again. This ignition system is CSA certified - ANSI 21.20 2014
When building our systems we wanted to accomplish two things - Make the coolest fire system the world has seen and keep it simple. User experience and ease of installation for consumer and contractor alike have always been a focus. Our systems use a US standard 110v plug in system. No need to hardwire. Should you prefer to hardwire the system, you can. For an easier installation, simply plug and play.
Gas - Propane & Natural
Our technology is indifferent to Propane or Natural gas. Designed to be a substantial addition to any backyard, we want our products to feel more like a piece of furniture than a plain fire pit. Taking into condsideration hard line Propane and Natural gas lines for a more permanent feature, our systems work at under .5 PSI or 11-14 inch water column. When propane tanks are in use, only one tank is needed at a time and can last for at least 12-14 hours with a standard 20 pound tank.
304 Stainless Steel
Durability and quality reside in the materials used. A known indsutry standard for a quality fire system is the 304 stainless steel used in its construction. All of our systems are built to last for years to come. We have put substantial time into the design and construction of our systems for its durability, weather resistance and more. Although at times 304 has been overlooked, for us it is a must have in order to ensure quality. Our pans are made of the same stainless with an applied black matte coating for superior aesthetics.
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