360 Fire & Water

Perfect for any residential or commercial setting, these innovative fire and water features add the effects of the peaceful sound of soothing water.  If you're looking for the Mercedes of Fire Features, the 360 Fire and Water Features are just that. Freinds and Family will be astounded at your 360 Fire Feature. They can be installed on nearly any patio in a residential or commercial setting - There's no need for a pool or pond to run our 360 fire and water feature.  This fully assembled, plug-n-play system comes ready to install - simply level the water pit then connect water, electric, and gas. Finally, enclose with stone, veneer, stucco or any other finish to match your patio décor.  All of our features are made of durable, weather-resistant materials made to last. 
ALL 360s Include Fire Glass and Protective Cover (Valued over $400)
No Sales Tax on ALL ORDERS!
                                                       Questions? Call Today: 866.488.6518
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